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What is VanishLive?

Vanish Live Daily Updated Magic News for Magicians Around the World

VanishLive contains selected content from Vanish magazine, but the majority is fresh content, new articles, reviews of magic tricks, books, media and apps, as well as a regularly updated feed of news items concerning magic and magicians from around the world.

VanishLive is a partnership between two New Zealand magicians :


Paul Romhany is known internationally as the editor of Vanish magazine and for his PCAM Gold Medal winning Charlie Chaplin comedy magic act.  He is also a prolific writer and creator of magic, having released twenty five books and over fifty original magic effects and routines, ranging from close-up to stage. He regularly lectures to magic clubs, and consults for magicians for both television and stage.

Auckland Magician Mick Peck - VanishLive Administrator

Mick Peck is a full-time professional entertainer based in Auckland, New Zealand and the Editor of Inside Entertainment, the monthly membership magazine for the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand. He was the President of the Shore City Magicians Club Inc for sixteen years and has twice been convention chairman for the New Zealand International Magicians Convention.  He can also spot a spelling error at twenty paces and has a knack for starting websites from scratch two days before they’re launched.

Also see his popular Blog of an Auckland Magician.

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